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Artwork and Templates


Artwork and Templates

Templates for the artwork in Photoshop (psd) format can be downloaded here. If you prefer them in an alternative format, such as JPEG (jpg) and Adobe Acrobat (pdf) formats. please email us and we will send them in a zip file. Many of our customers find these useful but if you need any more help, please contact us.

Artwork should be designed at a resolution of at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) but not necessarily higher. Some graphics programs default to the screen resolution (of 72dpi) which can result in a disappointing result when printed. Our preferred file types are Photoshop (psd) or PDF, although we can accept many other formats, including JPEG. If you are unsure, let us know.

Unlike when you print a single cd cover on your pc and then trim it to size, your order will be printed with multiple copies and then guillotined to size. Unfortunately, the paper can move a little and each sheet may be printed a little different in alignment from the previous one  - the movement is not large but can result in graphics / text appearing wrong or cut off when the paper is trimmed. The way round this is to extend the background 3mm beyond the intended print area (this is known as "bleed") and we would recommend that text and any important graphics be kept at least 3mm inside the print area for the same reason. Our templates have two area markers - a green outline indicates the print area inside which you should keep important elements of the design and a red outline indicates the extent to which the background should bleed.

The printing on the "spines" of the tray insert does not give room to adopt the above guidelines - we suggest the spines are designed with a clear, easily read font such as Arial at a maximum size of 10pt.

All our paper parts are printed using high quality digital printers. This produces high quality images and is the ideal solution for short runs. However, due to the nature of digital print we would recommend large blocks of single colours or blends are kept to a minimum.

The cover of a CD can be an important selling point, whether in a jewel case or just a polythene sleeve. We offer two styles - a card insert printed on 280gsm card stock either single or double sided, or a booklet printed on 120gsm paper stock either single or double sided to produce either two or four pages. We can also provide eight or twelve page booklets, if required.

CD template for Card insert

This is a small representation of our card insert template. Simply use it twice if printing on both sides is required. If you are sending the artwork in a format other than Photoshop, or are using another layer-based graphics program, please hide the template layer (but please keep the crop mark layer) before exporting the file.

CD Booklet template

This is a small representation of our booklet template. Use this as is for a two page booklet (it will be folded down the centre and left blank inside) or, if a four-page design, use it for the outer pages one and four. The inner pages two and three can then be designed separately or as a centre-page spread.

CD Tray Insert Template

This is a small representation of our tray insert which is only needed if you have specified a standard or double jewel case. As mentioned earlier, please do keep the text on the spines legible and no larger than 10pt.

Mono Black on silver disc templateColour on white disc template

These are small representations of our on-CD/DVD templates. There are two versions available - if you are using black thermal print on a silver CD/DVD, you need to allow for the larger centre hole in your design, but please hide the template layer before exporting the image. If you are specifying full colour print, this can cover up to the centre hole of the CD/DVD but again, please hide the template layer before exporting the image. Please note that the black thermal print option is best suited to text and line art - it has limited capacity for halftones (shades of grey) but if you are in any doubt, please just ask.

Standard DVD wrapper template

This is a representation of our template for a standard DVD case outer wrapper which is inserted behind a clear layer in the case. We have a further template for use with slim DVD cases where the central spine is smaller.


We must mention that you will need to ensure that all material on the cd and packaging is original or that you have permission of the copyright owners to use it.

If the CD contains music, and ANY covers of other artists songs are included (or parts thereof), you will need a MCPS licence (go to We regret that for copyright reasons, we cannot produce DJ "Mixtapes" or "Mix CD's".Even if the music is all your OWN, we recommend that you apply to MCPS for a Notification of No Claim using application AP2 which MCPS advise should take up to seven days at no cost. This will show that MCPS does not currently have any member’s interest in your product and gives you, and us (as the manufacturer), the maximum protection from claims by third parties. You should send a copy of the Licence/Notification to us with your order.

Alternatively, if the music is all your own, we can supply an indemnity for you to sign in this respect if you prefer this option.

·A Standard Copyright Protection notice should be included on the CD and Booklet/Inlay for your protection:


If the songs are your own you should also use the © symbol followed by your name and the year you created them e.g. Songs © John Smith 2007 All Rights Reserved

If you have any questions in this respect, please ask.